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SPECIAL REPORT: MGM Resorts Cyber Attack a Sequel or Just a Bad Hangover?

Home » SPECIAL REPORT: MGM Resorts Cyber Attack a Sequel or Just a Bad Hangover?

Well, folks, it’s time to buckle up for another wild ride in the rollercoaster world of cybersecurity. We’re back with MGM Resorts International cybersecurity issue- yes, that MGM, the one that had its systems go on an unexpected vacation back in 2019.

Hitting the Jackpot…or Not

This time around, they’ve managed to experience another MGM International “cybersecurity issue” that’s caused a system-wide hangover across their US properties. The extent of the damage? Like trying to remember the details of last night’s party – vague at best.

The Feds are Here, But the Details Aren’t

Adding to the mystery, our friends at the FBI are aware of the ongoing drama, but aren’t letting any juicy tidbits slip. Guess we’ll have to wait for the season finale on this one.

Calling In the Cyber SWAT Team

MGM isn’t just sitting back and watching the show. They’ve pressed the pause button on certain systems and called in the big guns – external cybersecurity experts. They’re currently playing detective, trying to piece together this digital puzzle.

MGM Resorts International cybersecurity issue

Website Down, BetMGM Users Stranded

If you’re thinking of heading over to their website or BetMGM page for a quick distraction, think again. Users are finding themselves hitting a digital wall, unable to log in. But hey, at least they’re providing phone numbers for customer service – silver linings, right?

A Little Trip Down Memory Lane

For those not familiar with the star of our story, MGM Resorts International is the big cheese in the world of luxury hotels and casinos. They’ve been serving up glitz and glamour since 1987 in Las Vegas, Macau, and China.

And That’s a Wrap… For Now

So there you have it, another day, another cybersecurity hiccup. But if we know anything about MGM, it’s that they know how to make a comeback. Stay tuned for more updates in this ongoing saga. And remember, the house always wins… eventually right?

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