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These Are The Tricks Casinos Use To Keep You Gambling

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In the modern world, it’s impossible to avoid being surrounded by all the advertising, marketing, and accessibility of casinos. From TV ads to online promotions, casinos have taken every opportunity to reach people to encourage them to visit their location. There are some casino tricks that keep you spending your money and keep you gambling.

Bill Friedman: Classic casino tricks

With this level of exposure, it shouldn’t be a surprise that casinos have taken every opportunity to keep you gambling. Even when the odds are stacked against you. Bill Friedman and Roger Thomas’ casino tricks and ideas suggest. They go beyond the obvious to keep people gambling at their venues.

Casino tricks
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1. No clocks or windows

Remembering that you have other commitments to fulfill can be a major distraction from your game. Hence, it is important to be completely immersed in the present moment. Realizing that it’s impossible to tell how long you are gambling for, casinos provide players with a unique environment. That allows them to feel free from time constraints.

2. Labyrinthine layout

With rows upon rows of blackjack tables, slot machines, poker chairs, and everything else in between. So, it is impossible to look beyond the room that you are currently playing in. Long and winding corridors, complete with gaming opportunities in every direction is imaginable. And making it almost impossible for you to resist the temptation of betting more.

3. Intimate settings

Rather than being too obvious, playing games in small, segregated rooms allows players and visitors to come together, feel comfortable, and even interact with each other as they play. Curious participants and enthusiasts can go from table to table or peek into rooms, further adding to their desire to gamble continuously.

4. Your focus on the prize

Casinos use a variety of visually pleasing color-code schemes to create a sense of urgency. Just in an effort to keep your attention focused entirely on countless rewards. Highlighting the most apparent rewards along passageways, such as no deposit bonuses or other attractive prizes, creates a sense of anticipation, ultimately encouraging impulse gambling.

5. Feel the urge to gamble right away

Once inside a casino, turning away and leaving is incredibly difficult. A gaming machine or table inside the entrance and an offer for a quick lottery ticket immediately prompt you to be more interested in gambling than necessary. For all intents and purposes, you may think you have the willpower to walk away, but the playing stations right in front of you are all it takes to get you to bet.

Roger Thomas: Modern casino tricks

Though Freidman’s method of casino design was widely followed for some time, the trend has now shifted. Roger Thomas, a casino designer at Wynn Resorts, has developed an extremely different design approach that capitalizes on the emotional response of casino patrons.

Whereas Friedman created the inner workings of a windowless casino that would encourage people to gather closely, Thomas aimed to create a casino that induces an overwhelming sense of freedom and, in so doing, increases the importance of open space.

His big idea was to create a casino with favorable conditions for high-risk gamblers who need plenty of opportunities to blow off steam and unrestrained socialization to alleviate their stress. This led to the development of big open casinos, high ceilings, and European-style furnishings that would make the spaces seem even larger. 

Above all else, Thomas created unobstructed hallways and entrances where players willing to take larger risks could wander freely, feel at ease, and readily gamble to their heart’s content.

Casino tricks
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